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Zoning Information




Zoning Information


The Muhlenberg Township Trustees have adopted a Zoning Resolution.
This resolution is enacted to promote public health, safety, morals, comfort, harmony, and general welfare; to conserve and protect the natural resources and scenic and historical areas; to encourage the orderly growth and development of the township; to maintain the rural character and aesthetics of the township; to provide for adequate light, air, and open space, to secure the most appropriate use of land; to facilitate adequate but economical provision for public improvements, all following existing county or township plans or plans which may be later adopted and as permitted by the provisions of Chapter 519 Ohio Revised Code.

Muhlenberg Township is a rural township where the predominant economic activity is agriculture. The culture, aesthetics, and physical development of land in the township revolve around farming and the cultivation of the land.

A significant goal of this Township Zoning Resolution is to preserve, protect, and maintain the agricultural heritage of Muhlenberg Township and maintain the delicate balance between the farmers of the Township and the nationally recognized Big Darby Creek watershed.

Muhlenberg Township is a “farm residential district”, FR-1.

Click HERE to download The Zoning Resolution PDF file.

All buildings and structures, building additions, improvements, and changes of use require a Zoning Permit.

The property owner or their agent should contact the Muhlenberg Twp. Zoning Inspector
before beginning any of the following activities:

​-New residential construction
-New commercial construction
-Building additions, relocating and/or alterations
-Pool installations
-Erection of fences
-Installation of a garage (attached or detached) or carport
-Erection of barn, shed or storage building
-Erection of a gazebo
-Installation of a deck
If you have a question as to whether your project requires a Zoning Permit, contact the Muhlenberg Twp. Zoning Inspector.


All buildings and structures, building additions, improvements and change of uses require a Zoning Permit. If you have a question as to whether your project requires a Zoning Permit, please contact the Zoning Inspector.

Forms and Information: Please contact the Zoning Inspector