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Cemetery Rules




Cemetery Rules

Rules and Regulations


All lots will be given the same care. The Muhlenberg Cemetery assumes the duty of cutting the lawn and keeping it free from leaves and other trash. Sunken graves will be filled, leveled and seeded as needed. Graves shall be kept level with surrounding turf. Fences, curbs or other enclosures or landscape stones are not permitted on lots/graves. Muhlenberg cemetery shall not be liable for lost, misplaced or broken vases, nor any damage caused by thieves, vandals or any other cause beyond its control.

Unsightly objects, erected or placed upon lots, out of harmony with the general landscape will not be permitted and whenever objects of such nature are placed on lots or graves, the twp reserves the right to request or effect their removal.


Automobiles shall not be driven through the grounds at a speed greater than 10 miles per hour and must be parked on the right hand side of the drive. Care should be taken not to park on narrow drives that do not permit passing.

Persons shall not be permitted to have refreshments within the cemetery, nor to sit on graves and monuments.

Persons or automobiles are not permitted in the cemetery after dark.

Children shall not be permitted to use the cemetery as a play ground. No use of bicycles and skateboards are permitted.

Cemetery personnel shall have charge of the grounds, including the conduct of all traffic and shall have the power to enforce all rules and regulations.

Persons in charge of heavy loads entering the cemetery grounds will be held responsible for the protection of the roads and grassy places and for full damage so caused.


1. No shepherd hooks or any other non-floral decorations of any type can be placed in or on the ground.

2. The cemetery reserves the right to remove and dispose without notice any item deemed to be improper.

3. No decoration shall be allowed which is intended to generate sound.

4. No decoration shall be in a state of disrepair, faded, tattered, worn, or discolored to such an extent to be unsightly.

5. No decoration shall have a height greater than 24 inches.

6. All decorations shall be in good taste with respect to the tranquility of the interment on the dead. Decorations are subject to removal and disposal without notice at the discretion of the cemetery.

7. The cemetery shall not be held responsible for any decoration damaged, removed or discarded in order to make a burial or perform maintenance in the area.

8. Arrangements or real or artificial flowers which become wilted, faded or unsightly will be removed.

9. If no monument exists, flowers may be planted in a 12 inch wide area where the foundation and headstone would have been placed.

10. Mulching is permitted within the front 12 inches of the grave.

11. Cemetery will not allow any new plantings of trees, bush type plants, rose bushes or thorny plants.

Planting of annual or perennial flowers is permitted within twelve inches of the front of the monument. No planting will be permitted on the sides or back of the monument or around the foot marker.

12. A single solar light will be permitted but cannot exceed 18 inches in height.

13. No food or beverage may be left at a grave-site.

14. No fencing, spikes, ceramic or glass items, stuffed animals, pinwheels, and yard flags will be permitted.

15. All graves will be completely cleaned of all flowers, decorations, etc. on March 1st and November 1st.


American flags will be placed on the graves of all veterans. Flags will be replaced by the cemetery twice a year or as they become worn or damaged.


The open and closing fees and purchase of a grave (if needed) will be waived for any Muhlenberg Township resident if killed in the line of duty while serving in the military, as a firefighter or law enforcement officer.


It shall be the duty of the Sexton to see that all rules and regulations are complied with, and it is his duty to see that order is maintained and the best interests of the cemetery are protected and promoted.

The sexton is not permitted to accept any gratuity for any reason whatsoever.